Migraine and Depression - National Depression Screening Day

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  • There are several conditions and diseases that are often comorbid to Migraine disease and other headache disorders. Comorbid means that we can have them at the same time, but neither causes the other.

    Migraine and depression are often comorbid. In the general population, the prevalence of major depressive disorder is approximately 17%. Among Migraineurs, that jumps to 47%. Just what we need, right? Not really, but if there's good news in this, it's that today's treatments for depression are very effective. AND, many of the current antidepressants can work well as Migraine preventives for some of us.

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    Have you been wondering if you have a problem with depression?

    Please visit our depression site, and read my post National Depression Screening Day - October 10 for more information.

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Published On: October 07, 2009