Migraines and Headaches - Questions about Faith and Spirituality

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  • Hello, everyone!

    Today, I want to go a bit off the usual beaten path of my posts. We often talk about support and coping with Migraine disease and the other difficult headache disorders.

    In those conversations, we don't often talk about faith and spirituality. Maybe that's because our faith and spirituality are so personal. Maybe it's because religion can be such a hot-button topic. Still, I firmly believe that we can discuss faith and spirituality without getting into controversial discussions of religion.

    We have an opportunity at this time to work with another site and their two experienced faith and healing bloggers to ask these bloggers questions that we may have about faith and healing. This is where we need YOUR help. If you have questions related to health, faith, and healing, please click the "Add Comment" link below and post your questions. If you want to remain anonymous, you can post your comments/questions without logging in. We'll collect the questions, submit them to the bloggers, and report back to you when answers have been posted.

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    Thanks for your help!

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    Last updated October 14, 2009

Published On: October 14, 2009