The Vitamin Complex Migraine Cure? No, No, No!

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  • This image is taken from a corner of the home page of a web site selling a Migraine cure. Well, I added the red "X," but if you've read much of my work, that comes as no surprise to you.

    Since the site sells the information about their "cure" in the form on a downloadable PDF document, I'm writing this up as a book review. I hope the authors of the "real" books here will understand that the "author" of this document doesn't deserve to be listed with them, but this has to go somewhere.

    I originally came across the site when someone emailed and asked me to check it out. The word "cure" on the site was an immediate warning that the person who wrote the site was either misinformed, or it was a scam. In either case, the price tag was $9.95, and I decided it was worth it to see what was going on and report on it to other Migraineurs. Interestingly enough, when I went back to the site today to check on something as I write this, the price has increased to $19.95...

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    So, just what did I get for my $9.95? What's the deal here?

    To find out, continue reading No More Migraine.

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    Last updated October 16, 2009
Published On: October 16, 2009