Migraines and Thanksgiving - Plan Ahead to Enjoy!

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • Take a look at this photo of a Thanksgiving dinner table. Nice, right?

    Oh, yes, it's nice, but you know what? It's a totally unrealistic goal if we're having a Migraine or headache problem.

    Personally, I think basing holiday celebrations around big meals such as we usually think of for Thanksgiving is a potential problem in more ways than one...

    • We tend to cook and eat dishes that aren't healthy.
    • We tend to overeat at these feasts.
    • Expectations are set so high that it's too easy to be disappointed at how things turn out.
    • The time spent preparing and cleaning up is time that could be spent with family and friends.
    • For Migraineurs -- This is yet another time to feel guilty if we don't feel up to preparing such a feast.

    I'd like to offer an alternative model for celebrating Thanksgiving, one that may help you and your family enjoy Thanksgiving and time spent with each other...

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    • Plan ahead. Sit down and make notes of your plans for the day.
    • Delegate. Give everyone an assignment to help prepare for the day. Not only will this take some of the load off of you, but it can give everyone a sense of accomplishment at having been part of making your celebration successful.
    • Keep it simple. I know turkey is a tradition, but cooking a turkey is also a great deal of work that takes a great deal of time. If having turkey is a deal breaker, consider a turkey breast instead. Or, consider buying a precooked turkey. Many grocery stores now have full turkey dinners available.
    • Watch those trigger foods. If you can't resist eating them, don't prepare foods that are Migraine triggers for you.
    • Simplify serving and clean-up. We don't have to dirty every dish we have. Let people serve themselves from the kitchen instead of dirtying serving dishes. Keep some of the pretty disposable plastic or heavy paper plates and bowls on hand, and use them.
    • Make it a team effort. Give everyone a job in preparing Thanksgiving dinner. This can be a great time to teach your kids some of your family recipes if you're feeling up to it.

    However you decide to handle Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving dinner, remember that it's supposed to be a time of giving thanks. That's what's truly important, and it's best done when everyone is feeling as well as possible. As long as you're together to enjoy each other, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some ice cream for dessert is every bit as suitable as turkey and pumpkin pie.


    So, get your plan in place now, and enjoy!

    Live well,

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Published On: November 19, 2009