You're invited to express your Migraines through art!

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • We all know that Migraine disease can be difficult to describe. We often feel that only someone who has Migraine can know what it's like. Still, we often use various forms of expression to share with others or as an outlet for ourselves. Each year, we have our Putting Our Heads Together poetry contest to share and express ourselves through poetry.

    Now Migraineur, editor, and writer Betsy Blondin is compiling a coffee table-style artistic and creative book about Migraine. Betsy wrote to me, saying...

    "I have wanted to publish a book like this for many years to provide another way for people with migraines (and those who live with them!) to share their expressions of migraine with others and to help promote awareness to people without migraines that organizations and sites such as yours have long been doing. I am particularly interested in helping to illustrate the positive and uplifting moments and events in the lives of people with migraines, because I feel that while migraine is horrendous, it doesn't define who we are all the time."

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    Please take a few minutes to visit Betsy's Web site and learn more about this project and how you can express your view of and experiences with Migraine. Visit Migraine: Expressions.
Published On: May 21, 2007