Migraine Treatment - We Need Health Care Reform NOW!

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  • We all know how difficult it can be to get good Migraine and headache care. You'd think it would be getting easier, but with the state of health care and insurance coverage in the US, I can't say that I think it is.

    Every person with whom I've spoken about doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, etc., agrees that we need health care reform. They also agree that it can't come too soon. Here are some major problems we see:

    • Insurance companies are being allowed to essentially practice medicine without a license. They try to substitute their judgment for our doctor's, seemingly at every turn...
      • They limit how many doses of triptans they'll cover in a month. The average seems to be no more than nine doses per month. Many of us end up needing two doses per Migraine, so those nine doses will treat only 4½ Migraines. If you've read much of what I've written, you know that I think Migraine prevention is essential if we have three or more Migraines a month, and that triptans should be used only two or three days a week to avoid medication overuse headache. If we limit to three days a month, and need two doses per Migraine, that's still 24 doses per month.


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    • They sometimes refuse to pay for Migraine preventive treatments that are prescribed off-label, those that aren't FDA approved for Migraine prevention. Well! There are only four medications that have that approval, but there are over 100 in use. I find it really interesting that some of the very insurance companies that won't cover Botox because it's not FDA approved, WILL pay for amitriptyline, gabapentin, and many other medications. AND the only difference I can find is COST. Yes, I'm accusing the insurance companies of not covering Botox and some other treatments because the don't want to pay for them!
    • More and more Migraine specialists will no longer bill insurance companies because they're tired of the insurance companies trying to tell them how to treat their patients.
    • Medical care and prescriptions have become so expensive that many people can't afford them without insurance. In fact, the cost has risen so much that people with insurance often have problems paying their portion of the charges.
    • The cost of practicing medicine has risen so drastically that doctors are leaving their practices to work for hospitals or pharmaceutical companies. Some are leaving the medical field altogether.
    • And, there are many more huge obstacles to good health care.

    You can't be conscious and have missed all the news lately about the health care reform bills now before the Senate and House. Currently, the fear is that these bills are not going to pass. Then, heaven only knows when we'll see any kind of health care reform.

    It doesn't matter who's a Republican and who's a democrat. What matters is that we're all AMERICANS! Some in Congress really do care about us and getting us decent health care. Others don't. It's that simple. Some find partisan politics more important than getting health care reform underway and taking care of U.S. citizens -- the very citizens who pay our taxes and elect them to office, but may not be able to find a doctor or to afford it if they have a doctor.

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    I say it's time for this to stop. It's time for our Senators and members of the House to stop being POLITICIANS and start being LEADERS. It's time for all of them to lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way so health care reform can be a reality.

    Do you agree? If you do, please join a new Facebook group that I started, and PLEASE get everyone you can to join the group. It's my goal to get enough people to join the group that I can point it out to Senators and members of the House, but that will only work if we get thousands of members.

    Will you help? If so, please join this new Facebook group, Open Message to Congress on Health Care Reform.

    Thank you!

    Live well,

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Published On: December 18, 2009