The Turkey Doesn't Care if You Have a Migraine

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  • Hello, everyone!

    Can it possibly be holiday season again! It doesn't seem possible to me, yet here it is. Whatever you're celebrating, I hope you get a break from Migraines and headaches so you can enjoy yourself.

    As I double checked my holiday to-do list, one of the things I wanted to get done was to check in with all of you, to give you some encouragement and to post some links to holiday tips and other content you may or may not have seen.

    Please, as we all rush around preparing, slow down enough to take care of yourself and truly enjoy the season. Everyone who truly loves and cares about us will care more about good times spent together than the details of everything being done "perfectly." If you have people who must eat at set times coming for a holiday dinner, set out some finger foods that they can munch on if your dinner isn't ready at the exact time planned. That takes the pressure off of you while meeting the needs of your family and guests. If you're not feeling up to preparing a huge feast, consider serving fewer dishes. If you're really not feeling well, order in! Look at it this way... The turkey you're planning doesn't care if you have a Migaine, so why should  you care if it isn't cooked perfectly!

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    If the number of people in your house or the noise is getting overwhelming, excuse yourself and hide out in your bedroom or another quiet spot. I've been known to grab a coat and sneak out to the garage for some cooler air and quiet.

    Is perfume a problem for you? If you're having guests, put a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls at the front door. If people arrive wearing perfume, ask them (from across the room) to please use the alcohol to remove their perfume. If they're offended, well... they can just get over it. You have the right to not be made ill in your own home.

    Overall, have fun when you feel well and rest a bit when you don't. We all want to do things for others, but we must care for ourselves as well.

    In case you missed any of it, here are some links to our holiday info for you:

    Happy Holidays!

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