Summer fun for Migraineurs - there IS hope!

Teri Robert @trobert Health Guide
  • With Memorial day past, more and more of us will be focusing on plans for the summer. For those of us with problematic headaches or Migraine disease, this planning isn't always a happy time. Some of us know that going anywhere on vacation isn't something we can physically endure this summer. Others of us will plan and go on those vacations, but we'll spend that time in fear of when an other attack will strike.

    This is something my family and I understand all too well. Not that long ago, we didn't dare plan anything that couldn't be cancelled because of my Migraines. We were frustrated... we were beyond frustrated. I was angry and felt guilty. Finally, I got angry enough to make an appointment and drive eight hours each direction to go see Dr. William B. Young at the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia. With Dr. Young's help, we can now plan fun summer vacations due to an excellent Migraine disease management regimen. Thanks to Dr. Young and Dr. John Claude Krusz (Ask the Clinician), we can go places feeling confident that if a Migraine does strike, we can handle it.
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    A couple of years ago, our sons and their wives decided to take us on a family vacation with all the grandchildren. Where? To King's Island Amusement Park! You can imagine the possible Migraine triggers -- sun, heat, noise, messed up meal and sleep schedules, dehydration! I'm happy to report that I had one minor Migraine during the trip, and it was easily managed without interfering with this wonderful vacation.

    My point is that working with our doctors can allow us to regain control of our lives and manage this disease. It's not easy or quick, but it can be done.

    In closing, I want to share something with you. This is a little video clip that I quickly captured on my little digital camera during that vacation. Enjoy!

Published On: May 31, 2007