Migraine and Headache Plans for 2010

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  • Hello, Everyone!

    How is 2010 treating you so far?

    Did you make New Year's resolutions this year? I didn't; haven't for several years now. Rather than set very specific resolutions, I prefer to make long-term plans and commitments. In a way, maybe there's no difference, but it seems different to me, and I've been able to follow through in previous years.

    When it comes to my Migraines and headaches, this year, I commit to working with my doctor to maintain the best Migraine and headache management possible for me.

    How about you? Do you have 2010 plans about YOUR Migraines or headaches? I set up a question in our community question and answer section for us to discuss this. If we share our plans, it can be helpful to all of us. Looking at the plans of others can give us all some great ideas.

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    If you haven't made plans for 2010, it's not too late! Please join us in discussing these plans. Just CLICK HERE.

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Published On: January 05, 2010