Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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Migraine, DESI Medications, and Medicare

At the end of last year when I went to refill Midrin, the only Migraine abortive medication that works for me, I received quite a surprise. The new health insurance plan I switched to, a Medicare... Read moreChevron

Medication Profile - Zonegran Off-Label Use for Migraine

There's a wide variety of medications used for Migraine, most of which are prescribed Read moreChevron

Migraines and Famous Migraineurs: Simon Cowell

Whether we like it or not, there is a strong stigma surrounding Migraine. In fact, there is more stigma attached to Migraine then there is... Read moreChevron

Patterns and Usage of Migraine Preventive Medication

Migraine attacks can be so disabling, they often interfere with every aspect of a patient's life. Many times people with Migraine have a difficult time finding the right Migraine preventive regime and staying on it. To complicate matters, there's an abundance of medications that can be used for Read moreChevron

Migraines, Triggers, and My Sleep Study

We have numerous conversations on our site about Read moreChevron