Today's conference experience.

Nancy Harris Bonk Health Guide
  • Today was very exciting here in Chicago. Teri and I spent quite a bit of time speaking with the exhibitors. We saw people from Petadolex, Merck, and Zomig just to name a few.


    I was able to experience a Migraine attack in what is called a "Migraine Simulator," by the manufacturers of Topamax and Axert (Ortho McNeill).  The simulator allowed me to actually see what a Migraineur is experiencing before, during and after a Migraine attack. This included some of the visual disturbances that some people get during a Migraine attack. It was incredible for me because I do not experience any aura, and have a good feel now for what you all go through.

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    We also met with doctors on patient education/advocacy issues.  It seems that doctors are really starting to warm up to the idea that having an educated patient is a good thing! Isn't that what Teri is always telling us? Well, it really is true, so let's bone up on all things headache and Migraine related and become partners with our doctors.


    I'll keep you posted tomorrow...........

Published On: June 08, 2007