What's Up with Spring Migraines?

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  • Every spring, it seems that many Migraineurs have trouble with an increase in Migraine attacks, and I am certainly no exception. A change in barometric pressure does nothing good for me and my head. When my life runs smoothly, the weather changes may trigger a mild Migraine, one that can be aborted swiftly with a triptan such as Axert. Life is anything but smooth right now, with many possible stackable triggers, so say hello spring Migraines.


    When life is running at "middle c" (what we call 'smooth' in our family), my teens are cared for and can go on about their day without too much drama and get their school work done while I work at completing half finished things or even starting new projects - all while in chronic pain. Sometimes. it may take days to finish tasks or work I need to get done. It's just a different way for me to live now.

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    Under times of great stress, everything is harder, more painful, takes longer. and I am more "Migrainey." I know stress and spring won't trigger a Migraine attack, but can certainly make things worse and will be around for while. I can avoid certain triggers such as raw onions, dehydration and MSG. But right now, spring and stress are pretty hard to ignore. Is Stress a Migraine Trigger? is a wonderful podcast you may want to listen to. 


    Coping with my current life stressors includes talking to a therapist and trying to take care of myself. I also try hard to keep to a regular sleep pattern.  For me, that means getting in bed by 10 pm and waking during the week at 7 am and weekends at 8 am. If I wake up later, this can play havoc with my head. I am forever suggesting people not skip meals to avoid a Migraine attack. This holds true for me - more so when I am under stress. Eating a healthy diet is just as important as weight loss is for me.  


    If you're seeing an increase in your Migraines this spring, here are a few things you can do with me to try and keep them a bay:                          

    • Regular Sleep Schedule
    • No skipping meals
    • We could track our spring Migraines with our Migraine diary
    • Take a walk each day (now there is a concept!!)
    • Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration
    • Be kind to ourselves!

    What things will you do to prevent your spring Migraines? Do you have any tricks or tips you want to share with me? I'd love to hear from you.





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    Last updated April 1, 2010.

Published On: April 01, 2010