Migraine and Headache Clinical Trials Update 5/30/10

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  • Many of us have heard about clinical trials and thought about them for our Migraines and headaches? They're definitely worth considering, but we should speak with our doctors and give due consideration before applying.

    Some clinical trials compare different treatments. Some are designed to test new treatments or new purposes for older treatments. In placebo-controlled trials, you might get the actual treatment, but you might also get the placebo.


    It's interesting to note that not all clinical trials are about medications. In fact, not all of them are even about treatments. There are some trials for complementary treatments such as acupuncture, and there are some that gather data about Migraines and headaches to help researchers understand them better.

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    Check out the updated listings of Current Migraine and Headache Clinical Trials!


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    Last updated May 30, 2010.

Published On: May 30, 2010