Handling School with Migraines and Other Chronic Conditions

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  • Starting the school year with Migraine disease can be a chore for the entire family. Students may feel apprehensive about handling their Migraines in school, while parents worry about whether or not their children's health care needs will be met by the school.


    Migraine is a genetic neurological disease and may be episodic or chronic. Those students with episodic (occasional) Migraines can have their pain relief or abortive medication at the nurse's office and take it at the first sign of a Migraine attack. I'd like to discuss the responsibilities and needs for students whose Migraines have become chronic, or suffer from  other chronic conditions. 

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    There are four distinct elements in each student's school day:

    1. his/her family,
    2. the school's faculty and staff,
    3. the school district, and of course,
    4. the students themselves. 

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