Migraine Fog, Brain Fog, Fibro fog....

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  • I've been experiencing some "fog" issues lately. Mad Migraine Fog, Fibro Fog, Brain Fog, Lupus Fog, call it whatever you want - it stinks! Having your husband and children tell you the same thing over and over again has been a problem for me lately. I can't seem to remember what I've been asked and haven't been! And I certainly don't remember the answers.

    It feels like I can't find the correct words during a converstaion. After finding the words, formulating them in a sentence feels almost impossible. Listening to a conversation seems to take a great deal of effort of late, asking people to repeat things more than once. Of course I get frustrated and stressed out which makes my communicating skills go down the tubes even further. Are you following me??? I wonder if the folks I am talking with think I am an idiot, or just not paying attention? The harder I try to pay attention to what is being said, the worse it gets and a cycle begins....

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    I know this will pass, my fog seems to come and go, usually under periods of stress. So I will try to reduce my stressors and see if I can communicate more effectively.

    This link is from Karen Lee Richards, Expert on the Chronic Pain site here at HealthCentral. Give it a read and see what you think.

    Dealing with Migraine Fog

    Here's to clearing out the fog!

Published On: July 31, 2007