The extra "stress" of getting ready for vacation!

Nancy Harris Bonk Health Guide
  • On Friday, my family will be going on vacation. We will be traveling for twelve hours in the car before we reach our first destination.... Wacko This will be a new experience for us, since the four of us have never spent that kind of time together in a car before. I've borrowed a portable DVD player from a friend, have lots of music ready to go, and I think I may include some earplugs. The kids are older now, so maybe we can spark some wonderful conversation before we all get on each other's nerves! This sounds good in theory, but will it work? Or do our lovely children (more like teens) just tune us out and listen to their iPods?

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    Since I am getting down to the nitty gritty part of packing, I've been checking and rechecking the medication situation. Do I have all my meds and needed refills? What am I going to put them in this time? Does our son have his inhaler, just in case? Will my husband remember his meds, or assume I will pack them and we both forget them! The only person I know will be all set is our daughter, who is seventeen. She seems to get it all together without a lot of fuss. Maybe I should have her pack us up?


    The dog will be staying at Grandma's, which is a very good thing. She will be well cared for. But the poor little thing is starting to get nervous about the bags and suitcases. I swear she knows we are getting ready for a trip. Now, I can move on to packing up her bed, toys, food, and special wheat-free treats (she has some issues!). She will not be happy when it is time to go.


    So, I think I better get to it, fold some laundry, pack a bag and try not to stress over the whole thing. Oh, right, we are going on VACACTION Grin

    I'll be sure to let you know how we make out when we get back.


Published On: August 08, 2007