National Depression Screening Day and Migraines

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  • Migraine disease is a difficult on its own; add comorbid condition to it like clinical depression, and it can really be a battle. Almost 47% of Migraineurs suffer from depression, and 17% of all American adults will have some form of depression during their lifetime. These are fairly startling numbers. October is Mental Health Awareness Month, and one way to bring attention to depression is with National Depression Screening Day on Thursday October, 7, 2010.  

    National Depression Screening Day is the nation's oldest voluntary, communality-based screening program. In addition to this program, podcasts and community events are available to make depression screening more accessible. There are a number of ways to be screened for depression; the most common of which is to see your doctor. If you are not sure about how to talk to your doctor about depression, there is a wonderful self screening tool on available at National Depression Screening Day. Each year since 1991, over half a million people have been screened for depression.

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    In 2006, a National College Health Association assessment stated that over 9% of college students had seriously contemplated attempting suicide in the last year. Depression, left untreated, can often lead to suicide and is the third leading cause of death for young adults in the age group 15-24. Service members and their families and the general public can also be greatly affected by depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). PTSD can occur when someone experiences an extremely traumatic event like combat, a personal attack, terrorist's incidents and/or natural occurring disasters. Senior citizens too are troubled with depression -- 65 and up -- making up about 12% of the American population.  And 16% of all suicide deaths are seniors. That is shocking. It is imperative that everyone get is able to get good mental health care. And National Depression Screening Day, along with Mental Health Awareness Month are two ways to help ensure that.  



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Published On: October 06, 2010