Famous Migraineur: Marcia Cross

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  • Marcia Cross, a wife and mother of twin daughters, has a thriving acting career despite Migraine disease. She was born in Marlborough, Massachusetts, on March 25, 1962, to Mark and Janet Cross and has two sisters, Susan and Ellen. She knew shortly after her first school play she wanted to be an actress and set out to do just, that graduating from The Julliard School in New York City.


    Ms. Cross began her acting career on the stage and an emerging day time television actress during the mid- 1980's. She could be found on daytime soap operas such as "The Edge of Night", "Another World", and "One Life to Live". After a few years, she moved to Los Angeles, which afforded her plenty of work both in prime time television and movies. She has made appearances in "Cheers", "Who's the Boss", "Seinfeld" and "Quantum Leap". In 1991 she played the role of Victoria Broyard in "Knots Landing," a very popular nighttime soap opera. It was only one year later that she started her famous role of Dr. Kimberly Shaw on the very trendy primetime series "Melrose Place" (1992). Dr. Shaw was a narcissistic woman who would do anything to achieve her goals. Between affairs with married men, baby stealing, attempted murder and blowing up buildings, Dr. Shaw was a hit with her audience. and she never seemed to die. Somehow she always came back from the dead. and her fans loved it. She left ‘Melrose Place' in 1997 to pursue her master's degree in Psychology, which she received from Antioch University.

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