My Favorite 2010 Migraine Stories

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  • I'd like to share just a few my favorite news items, stories and research discoveries that occurred in the Migraine disease and headache disorder world in 2010. Some of them are very personal to me, whom some Migraineurs can relate to or may have even experienced. Most of the 37 million Migraineurs can benefit from the current research being conducted in some shape or fashion, and some items will reflect that.


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    • Migraine and Motherhood - Is it My Fault Again? Fits in nicely here, speaking of guilt, isn't everything our fault? Why not get blamed for one more thing? Migraine disease too. But really, it isn't entirely our fault. It is in our genes!
    • New Discovery: Migraines and the KCNK18 Gene Certainly this was HUGE news in the Migraine world. Any research that gets us closer to an answer is a good thing, and we are always eager to share this information with you.
    • Zelrix  Submitted to FDA for Approval for Migraine Treatment was also big news because we may have another medication to add to our toolbox. What is wonderful about this potential drug is that for people who have stomach issues and cannot keep pills down, this transdermal patch delivers medication through the skin which can help abort a Migraine attack.
    • Botox was approved for chronic Migraine this year! That means if you have more than 15 Migraine attacks in a month you may qualify for Botox treatment. Now all the insurance companies have to do is catch up! Continue reading Teri's FDA Approves Botox for Migraine  
    • Vasodilation Not Always Part of Migraine  This was quite a shocker. Vasodilation has been thought to be part of a Migraine for so long; it may take a while for Migraineurs and the medical community to unlearn this concept.
    • Medication Overuse Headache is a problem for so many people. Aspirin may be one way to help someone break a cycle of pain.  Researchers were validated on a few points too; Migraineurs are not drug seeks, just looking for relief from their pain. IV Aspirin is not available in the US, yet, let's hopes it will be soon.  IV Aspirin for Medication Overuse Headache.      
    • Many Migraineurs have light, sound and smell sensitivity before and during a Migraine attack. In an interesting study conducted by Dr. Rami Burstein, the light sensitivity was investigated and some interesting results were discovered. Continue reading Why Light Worsens Migraine Pain for more information.
    • This story just chewed me right up. A Family's Migraine Horror - A Follow Up.  I know the medical profession is not perfect, nor are humans, but this is really beyond the pale.
    • And last, but not least, Santa Claus. Poor guy, I hope he made it through the season without too much trouble!  Famous Migraineurs - Santa Claus?

    If you'd like to share your favorite Migraine stories of 2010 with us, please don't hesitate. Just click the "Add Comment" link below, and share! We are always interested in hearing from you.


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    Last updated December 27, 2010
Published On: December 27, 2010