Famous Migraineur: Anne Frank

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  • Anne Frank's contribution to the history of the Holocaust is well known; but did you also know she may have suffered from Migraines? Due to the various symptoms she describes in her dairies, Migraine researchers believe that Anne probably had Migraines and tension-type headaches. Anne was born on June 12, 1929, to parents Otto and Edith Frank. Anne and Margot, her older sister, lived in Frankfurt, Germany until Anne was five-years-old.


    Anne's first reference to a headache was found in one of her letters written during a 1941 summer vacation:

    "For the first time I felt well when I woke up this morning, apart from a little headache and belly pain."² 

    For more about this amazing young woman and her Migraines and headaches, continue reading Famous Migraineurs: Anne Frank.

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Published On: January 22, 2011