Migraine Question of the Week, 2/9/11

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  • Our readers ask some great questions about Migraine disease and other headache disorders here on MyMigraineConnection. Teri and I both answer questions in our community question and answer section. Dr. Krusz and Teri answer other questions in our Ask the Clinician column.


    Some of the questions apply to many of our readers, and are great topics for discussion. So, every week, I'll be bringing you our Question of the Week. I hope you'll take a few minutes to look at these questions and the answers, then join us in discussion. One of the best things about online communities is the opportunity to share information and experiences.

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    This week's Question of the Week:

    I have severe migraines with multiple symtoms (mimiking stroke like symtoms as well) lasting 2 to 4 days.


    These always come right around my cylcle.


    I have several aura symtoms as well and people around me can tell by looking at me when I am building up to an attack. My face draws on the left side ( this is always the side the attack occurs ) and my eyes become drawn in as well.The attacks affect my heart and almost always end up running down the left side of body to my tail bone. After the pain has finally subsided.....I have up to 3 days of feeling foggy and mildly disoriented ( almost like the aura ). What can I do. I have had these for several years ( from the birth of my oldest son ) I can't take imitrex or similar drugs as these make the stroke like symtoms worse and send my heart into fits. Is there anything I can take just around that period...or something that works quickly to abort the migraine.


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