Migraine Question of the Week, 2/16/11

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  • Our readers ask some great questions about Migraine disease and other headache disorders here on MyMigraineConnection. Teri and I both answer questions in our community question and answer section. Dr. Krusz and Teri answer other questions in our Ask the Clinician column.


    Some of the questions apply to many of our readers, and are great topics for discussion. So, every week, I'll be bringing you our Question of the Week. I hope you'll take a few minutes to look at these questions and the answers, then join us in discussion. One of the best things about online communities is the opportunity to share information and experiences.

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    This week's Question of the Week:

    Seizure like symptoms could it be Migraine aura.


    I have been having seizure like episodes for the last 5 years, I also have migraines. The seizure like symptoms are as follows.It starts with dizziness almost always, then I will get a shocking zapping feeling that start with a move of my head it travels from my head and down my spine. I will feel hot and flush and my whole body feels tingly. I will feel sick to my stomach and at times gage and dry heave due to bad smells that aren't there. I will feel short of breath. I get real fatigued for the rest of the day and also get a headache. I will also feel the need to use the rest room both 1 & 2.Most of the time when this happens they happen in groups of days. My question is this, could these seizure like episodes be migraine aura? When I first started getting migraines I did not have these sysmtoms no aura just the migraine. Thank you, Pam.


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Published On: February 16, 2011