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  • Teri and I rack our brains every day about how to encourage Migraineurs and headache patients to become more active and proactive in their own health care. Now we need to take it a step further if we really, really want things to change and end the stigma attached to Migraine disease and other headache disorders. With my recent SharePost - Migraine, Stigma and Suicide - Stop, your fabulous ideas and the National Headache Foundation, we may be on to something. 


    As Teri wrote about earlier in the year, The National Headache Foundation is having a series of conferences during 2011 called Bridging The Gap Between Patient & Clinician. The first meeting was held a few weeks ago in Atlanta, Georgia, focusing on Post-Traumatic Headache and Migraine for our servicemen and women. The next one is just around the corner on Saturday, March 26 at the Sheraton City Center, 400 S. 14th Street, St. Louis, MO .

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    Nationally known Migraine and headache experts will be discussing how patients can better communicate with our doctors, take charge of our Migraines and headaches, and empower ourselves to take charge of our health care - all things we talk about here ever day on MyMigraineConnection. But this will be different because you will be hearing it from experts AND other Migraine and headache disorder patients in person. This can make all the difference. Brainstorming face-to-face on topics that are important to us with other like-minded people can be very inspirational and effective. Plus you get a free one-year membership to the NHF!


    Now here's the thing - we can complain about our health care, complain that there isn't enough research money being spent, complain about medications not working and then remain silent.  OR we can take a step forward and attend this conference!! If you live in the St. Louis area, and I know some of you do, as Nike says "just do it." If finances are an issue let me know. 


    Bob Dalton, Executive Director of the NHF, has even said; "If you are registered, call your doctor and tell him/her to come - I'll waive the registration fee for any health care professional you recruit to the accredited Continuing Medical Education course we hold in the morning." That sounds awesome. Thank you, Bob. 


    So here is a chance to "do something" to help end the stigma that surrounds Migraine disease and headache disorders, Who is going to go? Teri will be attending the Chicago conference, and I am going to try make it there too. What about you? To find out more about the conferences, go to the home page at the National Headache Foundation.


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Published On: March 21, 2011