Migraine is definitely Invisible Illness

Nancy Harris Bonk Health Guide
  • Since it's National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week (and I have a few), I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you.


    Having an invisible chronic illness, such as lupus and sometimes Migraines, can feel like being in a bumper car. Things go smoothly for a while (although it never seems long enough) then bump. Mad I bang into a bumper car. Never really looking worse for wear, I pick myself up and start the car again. This is where the invisible part comes from. No one can see my Migraine attack, feel my achy joints, tender points and blurry vision. There are no outward signs that I am not feeling well and am in pain. Hence, the car looks ok, and keeps going.

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    Although I do have one sign people always seem to comment on - my lovely pink cheeks! I think they take that as a sign of good health. Maybe they think I should walk around being deathly pale all the time. What it means is my lupus rash is flaring up. That truly is the only way my husband can really "see" if I am not doing so hot on a particular day.


    It gets so old, exhausting and sometimes frustrating hearing the dreaded words "but you look so good," doesn't it? I may not look it, but during those days when the bumper cars are slamming into each other, it takes everything I can muster to get through the day.


    National Invisiable Chronic Illness Awareness Week is an important event. We would probably do ourselves a favor and pass information on this topic along to our families, friend and even employers. Do you think then they will get it?

Published On: September 12, 2007