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  • Many times we hope we're able to celebrate special events without getting a Migraine attack. Mother's Day is next Sunday, and it would be wonderful to spend with day without having a Migraine. Last weekend, I was able to avoid getting a Migraine, which in itself is monumental. But what was truly special about last weekend was that we helped my parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Yes, 50 married years -almost unheard of today. I'm sure there have been many ups and downs their marriage, but the genuine love they share for one another and their family is almost palpable.


    My sister and her partner basically planned the entire event at a beautiful inn for over-60 people. Most of our guests were family members or dear friends who were over 70-years-old and traveled quite a distance to celebrate with us. Getting everyone settled at the inn was no small task, but my sister handled it graciously with her partner's assistance, while my brother and I supplied whatever support we could, as we both live out of town. I must say, it was a complete success, the party was delightful, and my parents couldn't have been happier.

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    Things brings me to my Migraine-free weekend. Notice I didn't say "pain-free." I've recently been talking more about self care, something I am admittedly not good at. But I have to tell you, I was very good to myself this weekend. Not "I got a massage, facial, pedicure the works" good to myself kind of thing; instead the "Hey, why don't you really pay attention to yourself this weekend and try to avoid some triggers" kind of thing. Don't get me wrong. I'm normally very good about trigger avoidance, but the last few weeks have been pretty horrific.  I've been lending a hand to my ex in-laws during a very difficult time and had an IV infusion due to increased head pain. As the time approached for my parents party, I almost felt as if I were running on reserves. When Friday finally came around, I was pretty exhausted, yet had a long weekend to go. Thank goodness for 21-year-old daughters!


    My daughter came over and saw the "state" I was in and pretty much took over. She had my son and me packed up in about a half hour, and we were on our way. Did I mention my parents live five hours away? I drove for about an hour or so, while my daughter napped so she could take over for the rest of the trip, which went by without a hitch. It was late in the evening by the time we got in, and since my parents were already at the inn, we had the house to ourselves. The three of us were exhausted, so off to bed we went. As I was drifting off to sleep, I knew I had to make some adjustments in my self care if I planned to make it through the weekend.


    The next morning, we woke up, had breakfast and began our day. My brother and his wife needed to be picked up at the airport, and my parent's dog needed to be brought to the kennel. Typically, I would attempt to do both these errands myself and just keep plodding along through the day in pain. But here is where I changed things - my daughter took care of the dog, and my son and I picked up my brother and his wife. Now, for some of you that may seem like no big deal, but I can assure you it was.


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    Next, under "typical" circumstances I would have rushed right up to the inn to get to the party site, making sure everything was ready. Instead, when we got back to my parents house from the pick-ups and drop-offs, my brother and his wife were anxious to see my parents, so off they went with my son in tow to see them. This was a wonderful opportunity for my son to spend some time with his aunt and uncle who live in North Carolina. Nice job with self care here.


    Once my daughter and I were all set, we took our time driving to the inn, enjoying the beautiful sunny day. We arrived, checked in, and made sure all the details were set and my sister had everything under control, which of course she did. Then, after chatting with some family and friends, and after the kids unpacked the car, we had lunch at a little Italian restaurant. The lights were low, the music wasn't too loud, and my salad didn't have any onions to trigger a Migraine attack. The best part was I was able to catch up with my mom and dad. It was absolutely perfect. Great lunch, no triggers, it's was all good.


    But we get back to the inn, and I was suddenly hit by a wave of exhaustion. I had to lie down because things were starting to become a lot more painful. I listened to my body and did just that. Migraines and sleeping patterns are an important part of any Migraine management plan, and my nap was the best thing I did for myself. I woke up, got ready for the party, and was able to enjoy my family by celebrating a tremendous milestone in my parent's life - 50 years of marriage - without a Migraine attack. (I'm not counting the other daily pain I live with.)


    The next morning was just as wonderful. We had a lovely breakfast with our family and friends, did lots of chatting and reminiscing, then said our good-byes. This may have been the best "pre" Mother's Day gift to myself ever, and all I had to do was take care of myself. You should try it. It's free, and the pay off is really, really great! 


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