Migraine After 70 Years?

Nancy Harris Bonk Health Guide
  • When we came back from our family vacation in August, my father started complaining about what he thought might be Migraines. Since he's never had a Migraine attack, he called me looking for information about Migraines and headache.


    My father described his head pain, which was one sided, throbbing and at times searing. Within the past three weeks what we thought were Migraine attacks became more frequent, even waking him up during the night. He also mentioned that the pain was relieved by Lortab, a rescue medication used to relieve the pain from a Migraine attack. I strongly suggested he see his GP.

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    He went to the doctor who said everything seemed ok, but did want him to see his neuro-opthamalogist. (My dad has Myasthenia Gravis.) The GP also asked him to keep a Migraine diary for three weeks and scheduled a follow up appointment.


    During the neuro-opthamaologist appointment, the doctor was a bit concerned because my dad has no history of Migraine or headache. He ordered blood work and CT of his brain which came back normal, except his sinuses! He has sinusitis. My dad never complained about his sinuses. No runny nose, no sore throat, no red cheeks or any of the common symptoms you think go along with a sinus infection. At seventy years old there could have been a very different outcome. We are very relieved.


    My father feels much better know after a few weeks of antibiotics. Migraine disease lost out on this round!

Published On: September 25, 2007