Famous Migraineur: Michele Bachmann

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  • Michele Bachmann is the first Republican woman elected from Minnesota into the U.S. House of Representatives and is now a Famous Migraineur. Born in Waterloo, Iowa, on April 6, 1956, to David and Jean Amble, she was the only girl among three boys. The family lived in a modest three bedroom home as her father, the first in his family to go to college, studied and graduated to be an engineer. During Michele's grammar school years, her father accepted a job at Honeywell, which precipitated a move to Anoka, Minnesota, just north of the Twin Cities. But her parents soon divorced, and Michele's father went to live in California. Her mother raised their children in Minnesota on a bank tellers' salary. Their modest lifestyle soon became poverty stricken.

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    By the time Ms. Bachmann completed high school, both parents were remarried.  Each parent's remarriage increased the family size. Her stepfather had five children and her stepmother had two children, thus the family dynamics changed dramatically. During this time, Bachmann discovered her devotion to God. She had attended Lutheran and nondenominational Christian churches and is considered to be an evangelical Christian. After high school, Bachmann went to Israel, working on a kibbutz. The trip was subsidized by a Christian ministry and made such an impact that she has become a strong support of Israel. Being on the kibbutz was an eye opener. She remembers being escorted everywhere by soldiers, waking up before sunrise, and pulling weeds in cotton fields in the hot sun. After her trip, she entered a community college near her family because money was such an issue. In fact, she worked many jobs such as a school bus driver and restaurant hostess to help pay for her education. Bachmann went to Alaska and worked for an uncle cleaning fish, washing dishes and cooking, but didn't want to go back to the community college. She enrolled in Winona State University and graduated in 1978 with a political science degree.


    In 1976 while working with Marcus Bachmann on Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign, the two began to date. After the election, Marcus and Michele were uncomfortable with President Carter's message and cynical with the Democratic agenda, so they moved over to the Republican Party. In 1978, after graduation, Marcus and Michele married and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mrs. Bachmann started her graduate studies at the Bible-based Coburn School of Law (then associated with Oral Roberts University) - it has since had many name changes - and received her law degree in 1986. The couple moved from Tulsa, to Virginia, where Michele received her master's in tax law from William and Mary College. They headed back to Minnesota and settled in Stillwater to work and raise a family. Marcus Bachmann runs a health care practice that specializes in Christian counseling. Michele was a federal tax litigation attorney for many years and served in the Minnesota State Senate from 2000 - 2006 before becoming a congresswoman. The Bachmann's have been married for thirty years, have five children, and have been foster parents to over 20 children.


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    Michele Marie Bachmann is a politician with Migraine disease. She certainly isn‘t alone, there are more than 37 million Americans who suffer with Migraine  and its stigma. The list of famous Migraineurs is quite impressive too, including:

    For more information on Michele Bachmann and Migraine disease, there is plenty to read. You may want to start at MyMigraineConnection.com with Michele Bachmann, Migraines, and Unacceptable Reporting and Migraine Impact and Bachmann: Some Perspective.



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