Fragrance Free Campus?

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  • Recently, a conversation in our Migraine forum has centered around fragrances being a Migraine trigger. Perfume, lotion, deodorant and cigarette smoke are just a few odors that can trigger a Migraine attack. Migraineurs often ask their family memebers not to wear perfume when they are with them. We can try to stay away from cigarette smoke. But what do we do in public places where some odors are unavoidable?


    Some students at California State University, Stanislaus, are trying to make the campus fragrance-free. If accomplished, they will join Portland State University, Cecil College in Maryland, and University of Calgary in Canada as fragrance-free campuses. The students feel that some fragrances can be as dangerous as second-hand smoke.

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    People who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) can have ill health effects when they encounter various odors such as wheezing, skin rashes, burning/stinging eyes and Migraine. Migraineurs and people with asthma can also have attacks triggered by strong perfumes.


    This would be a wonderful step in helping Migraineurs manage their triggers and have a better quality of life!


    What do you think of this project. Are the triggers problematic for you too? Please click the "Add comment' link below, and tell us what you think!



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Published On: October 23, 2007