Migraine Awareness Month: What Are YOU Doing?

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  • If you aren't aware by now, June is National Migraine Awareness Month. There are many things one can do this month to get involved and help make Migraine more visible. The National Migraine Awareness Blogging Challenge is lots of fun, as is the 50 Tweets for Migraine; we have chats galore and fun things to do and see on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Pinterest. The National Headache Foundation is holding a free educational event on Thursday June 21, 2012, at the Newberry Library in Chicago to help celebrate National Migraine Awareness Month.  Is there anything special you are doing to help make Migraines more visible? Are there things you've personally done to help the cause? In addition to the above, here is my plan for raising awareness.

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    Two months ago I purchased a bag of purple awareness ribbons (the official color of Migraine and headache disorders) from Fundraising for a Cause. You see, I facilitate the Western New York Migraine and Headache Disorder Support Group and it was our one year anniversary in April. I thought what a great way to celebrate the group's anniversary by sharing these ribbons and, at the same time, bring attention to Migraine awareness. Everyone seemed to really like the ribbons and I was happy to pass them out.  


    When Migraine Awareness Month started in June, I wondered what I could personally do to help make Migraines more visible. I decided to wear one of my ribbons every time I leave the house. That means if I go get gas for my car, go out to get groceries or go to the post office I have a ribbon on; if I take a walk, go to a doctor's appointment or visit a friend, I have a purple awareness ribbon on. It's not that I see lots and lots of people, but the people I do see often ask what the ribbon is for. I am certainly happy enough to tell them all about Migraine disease and headache disorders. If I am able to educate one person about Migraine and headache disorders this month, then that will be one baby step forward.


    What are you doing for Migraine Awareness Month?


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Published On: June 13, 2012