Thursday Morning Quilt Migraine

Nancy Harris Bonk Health Guide
  • Thursday mornings are reserved for quilting. I started quilting before I fell and really enjoy it. Because it can trigger a vicious Migraine cycle, I haven't been able to quilt as frequently as I once did.


    Yesterday started out as a pretty good day, so I thought I'd go quilt with my friends. I gathered up my Christmas fabric to make some small gifts, and off I went. We exchanged great gift ideas. Selecting fabrics and designs is the best part of quilting. I measured, cut and pieced my fabric together into very nice little hot pads.


    Leaning over the sewing machine sent me into Migraine despair. As soon as I finished one hot pad, I knew I was in trouble. I packed up, went home and put on my TENS unit. That didn't do anything to relieve my pain, so out came the medication. While that worked, my rescue medication makes me feel foggy the next day.

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    Today my head is not great, the weather changes are not helping, and I am just plain mad that I can't quilt without the pain of a Migraine attack anymore Furious .

Published On: October 26, 2007