Keeping My Head Above Water With Migraine Disease

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  • The theme for the August 2012 Headache and Migraine blog carnival is "Head Above Water: Share your tips & tricks for keeping up with household tasks & chores when you live with Migraine disease or another headache disorder." I'm hosting it over at my blog and I have lots of great posts there for you to read. But I have to tell you, my tips and tricks are few and far between.


    This is an area I have a difficult time with. I try to be organized so I use a to-do list for my writing and I have another list for household projects. These lists help keep me on track and accountable; I just need to know where my lists are at all times!  My writing doesn't seem to be a too much of a problem - I can accomplish most of my pieces when needed. It's the tasks on my household list that gets me every time.

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    I'm not a neat freak, nor a complete slob - I try to keep my house in some sort of orderly fashion - really I do! But from time to time, the laundry piles up, the dishwasher is perpetually dirty and my windows haven't seen Windex in a really, really long time. Due to Migraines, chronic pain and a host of other chronic illnesses, I'm not able to keep my house as I once did. I have learned a few things so I don't totally tax myself, which will trigger a Migraine and a flare, but those lessons seem few and far between.


    Learning that completing all our laundry in one day is not possible these days was a hard lesson for me to learn. Before my mild traumatic brain injury, when my children were younger, laundry day was always Monday. I chugged away five loads or so of laundry, folded it and put it all away. I still had enough energy left to cook a nice dinner for my family, clean that up and do all the "motherly" things that needed to be done for the bedtime ritual. Today, laundry is done on an "as needed basis," and my teenagers are very good about helping with it, especially if they need something clean and I'm not feeling well.


    Letting go of the fact that my house is not "neat as a pin" or that there is a bit of clutter on my kitchen table has also been a challenge. It has taken me a while to accept these facts and some days I still have hard time with them. It seems on these days my head hurts too - coincidence or self-induced stress? It's OK not to be perfect, or for my house not to be in perfect order. After all, I am human with Migraine disease.


    To read all the other posts that are in the August blog carnival, head on over to my blog, Migraine and Other Headache Disorders, where I'm hosting the carnival this month.


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Published On: August 13, 2012