Migraine Abortives: It Paid to Keep Trying Them!

Nancy Harris Bonk Health Guide
  • Like most other Migraineurs out there, I have tried my share of triptans to abort my Migraine attacks. Let me name a few -- Amerge, Frova, and Relpax. For the most part, I was very disappointed in the results.


    After each failed attempt, I would put on my positive face and try the next one. Well, after the third one I gave up for a while. I still needed an abortive, so I went on to an isometheptene compound (dichloralphenazone, and acetaminophen,) called Midrin.


    Midrin seems to do the trick. I don't particularly like the fact I have to take five pills to abort my Migraine, and if I have to take it two days in a row (never more so I don't get Medication Overuse Headache) I get horrible stomach cramps. But it usually works.

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    While away on a trip with a good friend, I felt a Migraine coming on. I didn't have any abortive or rescue medications with me. Apparently I was not thinking clearly when I was packing because I never travel without my "meds." My friend saw what agony I was in and had an Axert, another triptan and, knowing that my doctors do prescribe triptans, offered me an Axert. Now we all know that is a BIG no-no to take someone else's medication. But, my head was really hurting, so I went for it.


    To my surprise, it worked! Within fifteen minutes (I think,) my Migraine pain was reduced to a tolerable level. After another half hour, or so, I didn't even know I had had a Migraine attack. I felt a tiny bit drowsy but nothing I couldn't deal with.


    So I guess when it comes to saying "I've tried all the triptans" (but not really Innocent ) and none of them work, we all need to remember that having "tried all the triptans" really does mean trying all seven.


    Triptans are selective serotonin receptor agonists. When discussing triptans, Teri had reminded me that "selective" is the key word there. Each triptan "selectively" binds to different combinations of serotonin receptors. That's why it's possible to try all seven and have only one that works for you.


    Keep trying, even if it means you have to go through all seven of them before you find the one that works for you.

Published On: November 21, 2007