Second Attempt at a Migraine IV Infusion

Nancy Harris Bonk Health Guide
  • I'd like to share a recent experience I've had with my doctor's office and my head. I'd been suffering a bad Migraine cycle since my last menstrual cycle (too much information?), and it was time to take care of the pain.


    My first attempt at an IV infusion in the doctor's office was not successful, to say the least. I tend to be a difficult stick. Apparently, my veins don't feel the need to cooperate during such proceedures. Since I have had blood drawn and IV's started many times, I was not particulary anxious. That is not until the nurse stuck me the second time, blood was everywhere and my blood pressure dropped to 80 over 40!

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    In addition to my head hurting, my hand hurting, and almost passing out, I didn't complain. As my doctor says, "You are one tough cookie." They were not able to administer the drugs to break my Migraine cycle because of my blood pressure dropping. Instead, they gave me three shots of Dilaudid and sent me on my way.


    As you can imagine, I was less than pleased with my experience and still in pain. I was back in the office the following week and had a totally different experience.


    The nurse who "helped" me at my last visit was the same one who greeted me this time. "No way," I said to myself, "not again." When my doctor came in to discuss my treatment, I calmly told her what had happened during my last visit. She was very open and appreciated hearing this. The nurse was new, and the doctor was very keen on my information. Then my "saviour" came in. This nurse, whom I've had before, stuck me once, got the IV going, and got down to business. She was awesome. Now, it is time for the pain shots, in the tush of course. The shot has to go into in the muscle, not my "extra" layer of skin surrounding my hips. I hardly felt it. Last week the nurse nailed me so hard in the wrong spot my hips hurt for two days. I told the doctor about that too!


    After two bags of fluids, the full IV infusion therapy, two shots of pain medications, my pain was finally a zero. What relief to finally be pain free.


    When we have a less than perfect experience at our doctor's office, don't hesitate to calmly tell them what happened. It is our job to educate ourselves, and sometimes the doctors too!

Published On: February 10, 2008