My New Migraine Preventive

Nancy Harris Bonk Health Guide
  • My head pain has been an bigger "issue" than normal since the end of January. After two separate IV infusion treatments did not completely break my pain cycle, we felt it was time to adjust my preventive medication. So on February 22, I started Zonegran, an antiseizure medication used to treat Migraine disease.


    This is my second time taking Zonegran; of course I am hoping it works wonders. I did notice quite a bit of nausea during the first few weeks, but that has subsided now. It does make me a bit drowsy, so I take it a bedtime, which helps me sleep through the night. As my body adjusts to this dose, these side effects are becoming less troublesome.

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    My head pain is certainly not a zero. Will it ever be? I will continue to manage my pain the best I can, while leading a productive, fulfilling life.

Published On: March 20, 2008