MyMigraineConnection Forums down for a bit.

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  • MyMigraineConnection has a very active discussion forum. Our folders include New Members, Triggers, Doctors and Clinics as well as Medications, Success Stories and a newly created Significant Others Only folder, for SO eyes only. Members visit the forum for information, support and compassion.


    Tonight, starting around midnight, through Saturday at midnight, our Migraine forums will be down. The company that manages our servers needs 24 hours to transition to a new data center so they can continue giving us dependable service. We're sorry for the inconvnience, but as forums grow, hardware updates must be undertaken.

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    For me, nothing is worse than not knowing why something isn't working. It is very frustrating when I'm unable to figure things out or can't get on a website. 


    The discussion forum will be up and running late Saturday night (midnight) or early Sunday morning. We look forward to seeing then. In the meantime, feel free to SharePost away, and have fun doing it.

Published On: June 20, 2008