Migraine and More Zonegran?

Nancy Harris Bonk Health Guide
  • I've been taking Zonegran for Migraine prevention since February. It has been a long, slow frustrating process. Managing Migraine disease can be frustrating and exhausting.


    After my initial dose, I didn't see a remarkable improvement, so I waited and waited to feel better. When I didn't, the doctor and I opted to up my dose a bit. Again the waiting game began. My Migraines seemed to be getting a bit more tolerable. During this time, my dearest friend Barb, passed away. She was the first person I met in college, and became one of the brightest spots in my life. Sadness crept into my life, as did my Migraines.

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    With another call to the doctor, we again upped the Zonegran. Well, it didn't take long to realize that this increase was too much. The sadness turned into depression, and I started having thoughts I'd never had before. No, not suidical thoughts, but very odd thoughts, like maybe I'd drink my sadness away! I've never, ever, felt like that before. (If I have a glass of wine a month that is a big deal for me)! And my Migraines were feeling the same compared to the lower dose I was taking. Recently, a study was conducted regarding antiseizure medications and the risk of suicidal thoughts: Risk of Suicidal Thoughts Linked to Anticonvulsant Medications.  After reading it, I decided to lower my dose of Zonegran before giving up completely on it. 


    The lower dose seem to be working on the sadness and my Migraines seem to be in a holding pattern. My "drinking" thoughts have thankfully vanished. We will see what happens when I get my period this month as far a Migraine attacks go. It has taken a really long time to get this far in my Migraine management plan (see MAPP), hopefully it will be worth the wait and clearly there is no instant pill, for me that is. 

Published On: June 25, 2008