Walter Reed Army Medical Center Fiasco

Nancy Harris Bonk Health Guide
  • Recently President Bush spent a little more than two hours at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  He was there to reassure us, and the patients, that the problems at the Center will be addressed and the system fixed.  Mr. Bush awarded ten Purple Hearts during his visit.


    Do you really think the injured soldiers want Purple Hearts or better health care?  Was this a political visit, photo op or a President demonstrating his concern for our troops?  Is he as disgusted as I am that the men signing up to protect us, and become injured are welcomed home to deplorable hospital conditions?  The Commander-in-Chief owes the troops better than this.  They deserve the best health care we can provide for them, no questions asked. 

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    How hard is it to keep rooms clean, ceilings from leaking, and paint from peeling?  Our soldiers risk their lives every day.  They deserve the best possible care we can give the.

Published On: March 30, 2007