Migraine and Headache Clinical Trials Update 10/31/09

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  • Are you interested in clinical trials
    of new Migraine and headache treatments?

    Did you know that by participating in a clinical trial you can:

    •  Being proactive in your health care?

    •  Acquire access to new research treatments before they become public.

    •  Get specialized medical help from top notch health care facilities?

    •  And maybe most satisfying of all, helping others with your role in the trial.

    Clinical trials of medications and other treatments for Migraines, headaches, and other conditions are conducted for a variety of reasons. They gather data to determine if medications and other treatments are effective, if they're safe, what potential side effects they may have. Clinical trials also study particular symptoms, the effects of Migraine and other conditions on the body and various organs, and many other things.

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    Participating in clinical trials can be one way to help add to the body of medical knowledge and evidence and to try medications and treatments not yet available.

    As a regular feature on MyMigraineConnection, we are maintaining a listing of current clinical trials related to Migraine and other headache disorders. There is a link to click for more information on each trial, and the listings have just been updated.

    Check out the Current Migraine and Headache Clinical Trials!

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     Last updated October 31, 2009

Published On: October 31, 2009