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  • It's been a wonderful learning experience here in Scottsdale at the 2009 American Headache Society's Headache Symposium. Teri and I attended sessions on Migraine and headache pathophysiology, diagnosis, epidemiology, chronic daily headache, adolescent headache and post-traumatic headache to name a few.


    Dr. Lipton from the Montifore Headache Center, stressed how important it is for doctors to look further than the normal diagnosis if a patient seems confused/or has altered consciousness. Dr. Goadsby from UCSF discussed how to talk to a patient about what is and isn't.  "Migraine is an inherited, subcortical, sensory system modulartory disorder."  In his experience, it seems that once a patient accepts that they come from a "headachey" family, they may have an easier time coping with Migraine disease. 

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    Dr. Loder discussed prophylactic treatments on Friday. Many treatments are available but doctors need to take the whole patient into consideration when treating them. There may be comorbid conditions to consider when thinking about which medications to prescribe. Care also needs to be taken when prescribing medications for certain groups of people. Dr. Christina Lay talked about Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension and that it is seen more in African Americans. Dr. Jonathan Gladstone discussed low pressure headaches.


    Scottsdale has been a great learning experience, a real treat, and when I get home I'll be anxious to write more about it.  


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     Last updated November 9, 2009

Published On: November 09, 2009