Famous Migraineurs: Carly Simon

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  • Migraine disease affects nearly 37million Americans. A large majority of sufferers, more than 28 million, are women. Migraines place an unusually difficult burden on women during the prime of their lives, while raising a family and having a career. Carly Simon, singer/songwriter, wife and mother, has been able to do both despite being a Migraineur.

    Ms. Simon began singing very early in life to help combat a stuttering issue. Her mother suggested she tap a beat rhythmically on her leg while she was speaking. This seemed to work so well that she started singing every time she spoke and hasn't stopped. She's won two Grammy Awards and an Academy Award and has recorded over 30 record albums. Some of her biggest hits include You're so Vain (my personal favorite), Anticipation, and Haven't Got Time For The Pain...

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    Last updated December 16, 2009.

Published On: December 16, 2009