It didn't quite work, the saga continues......

Nancy Harris Bonk Health Guide
  • Last week I went to my pain doctor and recieved another IV therapy infusion for what seems to be my Intracranial Hypertension (Pseudotumor Cerebri). They gave me IV DHE, which is used to treat IH, but of course it only dulled my pain. In addition to that, I received a few shots in my tush,   which made me really relaxed! 


    Anyway, my head pain is not gone and actually getting worse, so I called my pain doctor to schedule a lumbar puncture as we discussed. The receptionist was not very pleasant, and the doctor I usually see was out today, as was the other doctor I've seen. So I asked to speak with the nurse who heard the conversation last week about the LP. "Oh no, you need to speak with the doctor. We can't just schedule one."  Like I want to have an LP for no apparent reason! I left a message for another doctor I've seen, and within 10 minutes, the nurse called back and I have a LP scheduled. Give me a break. LP's are something you WANT to have. I think NOT.

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    So, my saga continues. I will keep you updated when I know what is going on with my head.

Published On: May 29, 2007