Try a heating pad on your neck!

EANNE Community Member
  • This won't work for everybody, but my migraines are related tension in the muscles of my neck.  I have found that applying heat to my neck for an hour or two at the end of each day will prevent (but not cure) many of my headaches.  An ordinary heating pad is best, but inconvenient.  The new, air-activated, single-use adhesive heating pads are great for times when I need to be mobile.  I've had migraines for 20 years and I had tried ice packs, massage, etc., but never heat.  I thought heat would cause my blood vessels to expand further & aggravate a heatache.  Not so!
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Published On: November 04, 2007
  • jennyc
    Nov. 05, 2007

    I LOVE my heating pad!!  I've got lots of TMJ difficulties that contribute to my migraines...Heat does wonders for both!!


    Never tried the portable heat thingies...I'll have to put one in my purse and give it a shot!!


    Thanks for the tip!


  • Lorraine
    Nov. 04, 2007
    I agree they work or help ease the pain. I keep forgetting to carry some with me to work.