Migraine Patients ROAR!

  • Migraine and chronic illness inspiration and encouragement is the name of the game for today’s post.


    In the next months, I want to change things up just a bit in the spaces I call my online home, by talking about Migraine and pop culture. Hang in there with me – it’s gonna be great, I promise!


    Many of us who have been disabled by this disease have found ourselves shut out of life. We often don’t really know what’s going on around us that we can use for inspiration. Sometimes that inspiration is for us and sometimes it’s inspiration we’d like to use to help others. Whatever its purpose, inspiration and encouragement are almost always positive things, and we all could use a few more positive things to add to our chronic illness toolbag.

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    Today I want to share a song you need to add to your playlist. Hitting the charts just recently, you might not have heard of it unless you watched the VMA awards this week, as the shocking acts seem sadly to be pulling all the limelight away from those that truly deserve praise and support. Don’t worry, this is a song that crosses all barriers of age, gender, and belief systems. It’s pure inspiration and encouragement!


    Katy Perry’s single Roar is so amazing and full of hope, it was the song chosen to close the VMA’s this year. When you hear it, you’ll see right away why it is my pick for starting this series.  I hope you’ll support the song by passing along this post and getting hooked on it as I have. Maybe add it to your own playlist so when you’re feeling down and vulnerable you can get an instant reminder that we are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for, in so many different, sometimes invisible ways.


    When you need to feel a little better, put it up on your facebook page or twitter to remind yourself and others who love you, that encouragement is important, and feeling in control of the parts of our lives we can manage today, may even sometimes be life-saving.





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Published On: August 30, 2013