A Migraine Patient's 30 Days of Gratitude 2013 - "Ender's Game"

  • What do Migraines, gratitude, and the story of a little boy who plays a game and saved the world have to do with each other? Years of happiness for our family.


    Last night, I was blessed to go see the movie my family has waited for approximately a decade, and thankfully, it was made in such a way that I was able to watch Ender's Game with my eyes open!


    I read the book the movie has been based on because my kids asked me to read it. I had no interest in a sci-fi story, but I did want to support my kids and have something in common to talk about. I was hooked. When my son played the audiobook version on a trip to the doctor (a four hour drive each way) my Hubs even became hooked on the story. When we heard there would be a movie, we got excited enough that even my Hubs who refuses to go to a movie, was ready to drop all and drive an hour to the nearest theater.

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    I love a good action movie, but I have terrible light triggers. I wear protective sunglasses most of the time I'm anywhere but home as a result. Flashing or blue lights in a movie will have me wrapping my head in my black coat and relegated to listening instead of watching the action. We were afraid this movie would be a problem, but it wasn't. The noise was a little loud, but I blame the theater for that, not the movie. Anyone going to a war-of-the-world type movie shouldn't be surprised that there are explosive noises and some flashing.


    I am thankful I took the time all those years ago to read a book I didn't think I'd like. I'm thankful for the movie too, and the fun it provided for our family. However, I'm thankful too that my daughter planned this outing. She arranged to get all three families together in a single location (not an easy feat when we're two hours apart and work opposing schedules) and everybody came despite the hassles. We ate a fun, leisurely dinner together before our flick-fest, and planned our holiday activities for the next two months. We laughed, we smiled, we joked, and we had a blast! (Pun intended)


    I am thankful too that I had a good enough night to physically make it work. That was thanks to the days of planning ahead and the multitude of meds I had to take, and not take the last two days, to make it happen.


    But we'll talk about those another time!


    What were you thankful for yesterday?


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Published On: November 04, 2013