Dark and Quiet - A Migraine Patient's 30 Days of Gratitude

  • Because of my Migraines, I'm sometimes called, "The Queen of Darkness." While that nickname might make more sense around Halloween, it also reflects the impact Migraine has on my life all the time.


    The light sensitivity I experience, both during and between Migraine attacks is almost torturous at times. Anyone who has spent any time with me is very familiar with my sunglasses. Light also increases my pain during a Migraine, something many of you probably experience too.


    For day #5 in our 30 Days of Gratitude, I'm thankful for being able to find darkness and quietude during Migraine attacks. I wish we could always find this during a Migraine, but as Carl Sandburg said, "Wishes won't wash dishes." One of the most frustrating issues with dark and quiet is the so often can't find it in the very places one would think we should be able -- in our doctors' offices (more about that in a later post). At home, I've been able to create my very own "bat cave," where I can be as comfortable as possible during a Migraine. Hubs and our kids are wonderful about understanding the need for quiet and darkness during a Migraine, and that helps me keep things dark and quiet.

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    If you share my gratitude for darkness and quietude, please post a comment below and share what you do to make it dark and quiet and if you've found ways to make them "portable."


    Teri and I both find that a gratitude journal helps us maintain our emotional equilibrium when it seems that everything in our lives is conspiring to bring us down. We also find that it helps to share with each other. That's one reason we want to share with you, our Migraine and headache family.


    Would you like to join us? It's easy to keep a gratitude journal, and you're always welcome to share any of it here in our community. Journals can be handwritten or kept on your computer. To share here, you can create a SharePost of your own, or you can post comments to our posts.


    For a listing of all of our 30 Days of Gratitude posts, see A Migraine Patient's 30 Days of Gratitude - Introduction.


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Published On: November 08, 2013