Hot Stuff - A Migraine Patient's 30 Days of Gratitude

  • Unlike most Migraine patients, I find relief more through the application of heat than cold during an attack.


    There are many things in my tool bag I do use to create heat when I'm hurting, and I'm very thankful for each and every one of them:


    Heating Pad - Life would certainly cease to exist for me without my heating pad. It's large, fluffy, and very comforting to my head, neck, back and shoulders during a Migraine. It soothes the facial neuralgia as well as the neuralgia in my ears and down my throat when it hits me. Since my trigeminal neuralgia is triggered by cold, my heating pad has often helped to keep a bad attack from becoming horrible. It soothes my bones and joints, and in the middle of a cold night, warms me just enough that I can fall back asleep again.

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    Hot shower - When I am feeling especially badly, I climb into a hot shower. The hotter, the better for me. When my lupus or Sjogren's Syndrome is especially bad, the pounding acts like a masseuse and slowly but surely the pain begins to subside. I got stuck in my hot shower once, but that's a story for another time, lol.


    Hot drinks - This means decaf tea or hot cocoa. When Migraining, a hot drink will often help with the pain to a degree. The relief lasts only seconds, but seconds can feel like minutes when I'm in the pain of neuralgia or a Migraine attack. I try to remember to drink or eat something cold first, so the hot drink doesn't burn my stomach when it hits, as that can be very painful too.


    Warm fur - My pets are so soothing to me during an attack that I actually consider them part of my Migraine rescue tool bag. "Rags" the cat was raised from birth by our family and doesn't really realize she's not a person, but she knows her job during a Migraine. She is a warm place to wrap my arms and lay my head when I am desperate for comfort. She'll stay with me all day and never complain.


    Today, for day #14 in our 30 Days of Gratitude, I am counting the blessings of my warm things, without which I cannot imagine surviving this disease. When the electricity went off recently, I was reminded just how much I depend on them for comfort, and how important they are to my Migraine management regimen.


    Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the ways I cope with being disabled by my Migraines. Teri and others find it helpful for them too, and they're sharing their thankfulness things with you here.


    Would you like to join us? It's easy to keep a gratitude journal, and you're always welcome to share any of it here in our community. Journals can be handwritten or kept on your computer. To share here, you can create a SharePost of your own, or you can post comments to our posts.


    For a listing of all of our 30 Days of Gratitude posts, see A Migraine Patient's 30 Days of Gratitude - Introduction.


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Published On: November 14, 2013