Military Heroes - A Migraine Patient's 30 Days of Gratitude

  • Today, I'm looking past my Migraines, and I feel so blessed to have had so many veterans and military personnel in my life.


    I'd love to tell you a story:


    Someone I am very close to spent time in England during the cold war era. His job was to listen in on Russian radio transmissions. He understood what was being said. He recorded them, and sent them on to intelligence. What he did was so secret and important to our country, that he had to agree not to be taken alive if they were attacked. In fact, each man on the base made that agreement. Then they had to agree to make sure each of the others would not be taken alive either.

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    Things were extremely tense. He knew that if things went badly, he would not be coming home, and most likely his life would end by the hand of someone he knew.


    I don't know what it feels like to make that kind of decision - to pledge your life and your death to your country. I do have an admiration for the people who do this however, which I cannot begin to put into words.


    To this day, simply seeing planes in formation, or a flag flying in honor of this country he loves so much, is enough to bring this man to tears. He's a tough guy. Love of this country is the only thing I know for sure will make him weep.


    He volunteers time with the Wounded Warrior Project and donates financially what they can. This makes him smile. It's more than a responsibility, but a privilege.


    There are countless thousands of men and women who we honor today. Sometimes it is difficult for me to wrap my brain around all those brave people I've never met, so instead I pick out one that I do know, and duplicate him/her in my mind ten thousand times. When I see one with an unfamiliar face in the airport, I see the face of one of those I know, and suddenly, they are family. 


    For day #12 in our 30 Days of Gratitude, I share with you my constant gratitude for all of our veterans and military personnel.


    God bless our veterans and military, and the friends and family who have loaned and given them to us. They are all my heroes, every one.


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Published On: November 12, 2013