Bathrobes - A Migraine Patient's 30 Days of Gratitude

  • Maybe you're a Migraine patient like me, and owning a bathrobe is equally as important as jeans and t-shirts. My bathrobe collection has a purpose however, and I'm so very glad I have them. I hope I can explain why...


    My chronic Migraines are still progressing. As a result I can look pretty scary some mornings, when getting out of bed is the biggest thing I'm able to accomplish for the day. Shoot, let's be honest. I can look durned scary in the afternoons and evenings too! I can only imagine the thoughts of each new UPS driver and mailman that finds himself ringing my doorbell only to have the door opened by a 49-year-old woman with long bed-head hair in fifteen different directions, black ringed eyes behind large bug-eyed sunglasses, and a voice that sounds like an old sailor with a cold. I don't even want to admit the mis-matched socks, or worse, unshaven legs I try unsuccessfully to hide behind the door as I receive my brown paper wrapped gift. I can only imagine what goes through their heads and what they tell others in town about the crazy lady who is always in her bathrobe.

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    I often think about the folks driving down the highway next to our home when I dare to step outside, barefoot and wearing "Pinkie", the fluffy rose colored robe. What must they think as they see me chasing after my little dogs, urging the cat out of the tree, or climbing over the four board fence to hug one of my horses in the middle of the afternoon?! I try being stealthy, hopping from tree to tree, hoping they'll hide me from the eyes of people who love to jump to conclusions in our tiny community. But how do you hide a pink, fluffy bathrobe blowing in the breeze when you're the only thing moving for miles?


    Getting caught in "Pinkie" when I'm also donned in my matching fluffy pink house slippers or my black muck boots, must be priceless for the poor souls who have driven down my driveway at the wrong time. Aah, I would love to hear what they're thinking to themselves, lol.


    Oh, and God bless the hay guy who makes his crew stay in the truck when he comes to the house, knowing I'll very possibly be dressed in this very non-flattering way if I'm sick. He was one of "my" kids back in the days before Migraine had me nearly completely sidelined, so I'm not sure if he's protecting me from embarrassment, or his crew from being so afraid of me they won't come back!


    I have other bathrobes, but "Pinkie" is my favorite. I bought her because, well... I wanted to look good when I was Migraining in my new pink bathroom. Yep, that's the honest truth. If I'm going to be caught laid out on my cold bathroom floor, at least I don't want to look like I'm dead. And why a pink bathroom you ask? Because it's known to be a calming color, and it reminds me of happiness, my wedding, and my Grandmas. The color pink makes me smile. My fabulous bathroom is the second best room in my house.


    When I am able, I always try to get completely dressed, including a little blush and my normally fabulous hair. :) When I'm in public, I'm known to look pretty good. That's because I try very hard to hide my illness. When I'm at home, there's usually a very good reason for it, and it's almost always about Migraine, and I no longer make excuses for looking just how I feel when I'm in my own home. I just hope that "Pinkie" and the sunglasses make my visitors smile for a moment. At least then I know I made somebody's day.


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    Today, on day #19 of our 30 Days of Gratitude, I am so very grateful for my bathrobes. They allow me to get "dressed" in a moment's notice, and they give me great amusement when I see the looks on the faces of those I meet at the door. I wish everyone had a bathrobe to make life easier and add some smiles once in a while.


    Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the ways I cope with being disabled by my Migraines. Teri and others find it helpful for them too, and they're sharing their thankfulness things with you here.


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Published On: November 19, 2013