Migraine Term of the Day - Resection

  • What does the term Resection mean, on it's own and when applied to Migraines and headaches?


    When we're looking at Migraine and headache information, whether it's from our doctor, a book, or an online article, we sometimes come across medical terms that can be confusing.


    Sometimes, it's easy enough to substitute another word or a short phrase for the medical term. At other times, substituting just doesn't convey quite the same meaning or takes more than a few words.


    Understanding medical terminology helps us be better prepared to work with our doctors as true treatment partners so the can made decisions with us rather than for us.

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    Today's term: Resection.


    A Resection is a surgical procedure in which something is cut and removed. 


    Some examples:

    • During the Craniotomya mass was resected and removed.
    • The Trigger was resected in hopes it would help her pain.

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    Are there medical terms you'd us to feature and explain? If so, please leave a comment below, and tell us what they are.


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Published On: January 24, 2014