Living and Working with my non wanted buddy

Lisa S Community Member
  • I call my migrains my non wanted buddies because of how long I have had them.  I have had them since I was 5.  I am now 35 with a family of 5.  I have been through a lot of the medications that are out there and some narcadits too. (Sorry now about the spelling).  We do the injections and other meds that are used for sezures.  We have started a new medication for the onset of the headache.  It is treximet.  Something new.  It takes two pills and a lot of sleep to break up the headache. 


    Besides having that I also take phenergan for the nausea.  I can't say right now if it works for a long period of time.  But I will let you know.  Let me know if you have ever taken this medication before.

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Published On: January 15, 2010